Cleanest On Earth is a independently owned neighborhood carpet cleaning firm located here in Newport, Oregon.

We have same-day carpet cleaning fittings and we’re always on time! Cleanest On Earth includes a 100% Guarantee on all cleaning solutions.

We utilize just green sealed accredited products, that are safe to the loved ones, pets and environment. Cleanest On Earth cares about this community and can be spent in the local environment and market.

Cleanest On Earth was servicing this Central Oregon Coast Community and intends on continuing performing quality cleaning services for several years to come.

Cleanest On Earth provides exceptional customer services. Our technicians are IICRC trained and certified. This helps ensure the maximum caliber of standards and workmanship in the business. We’re on-time, professional, knowledgeable and always ready to go above and beyond for our clients. .

We’re a independently owned and operated local business (not a franchise.) Cleanest On Earth cares about this community and can be spent in the local market. We aren’t a fly by night business, Cleanest On Earth has been here and will be servicing this area for several years to come. That really is a Promise! .

These products are healthier for your house, family members pets and our surroundings. This is a dedication to our clients and our community we feel quite strongly about.

All work has a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you’re unhappy with our solutions, we’ll re-clean the place or thing in question. If you’re still disappointed with our support, Cleanest On Earth will refund your money (no questions asked.) We stand behind our job since we understand Nobody Cleans It Better.

Areas and spills should be treated promptly by an expert. The longer a spot remains, the harder it’ll be to eliminate. Urine, Coffee, wine, tea, nail polish, lipstick, paint, crayon, ink, juice cocktail, blood, vomit, stool, candle wax and chewing gum are examples of stains. Cleanest On Earth Carpet Cleaners is dedicated to discover and use cleaning products, that can be powerful and environmentally friendly. We also closely remove and correctly dispose of contaminants.

Cleanest On Earth utilizes truck mounted steam extraction for three reasons:

1. A truck mounted method is much stronger than a mobile one. We deep clean rugs with all the hot water extraction process. This really is the only extraction system that’s genuinely a deep wash all other methods place light surface cleaning as they’re incapable of eliminating dirt deep in the heap.

2. Additionally, the rest of the methods leave considerable quantities cleaning products in the carpet after cleaning.

3. Another advantage is that we dont use your own energy or warm water when using a truck mounted machine. Our gear is powered by a truck mounted generator also is intended to heat cold water for the cleaning procedure.

Safeguard Your Carpets.

Additionally, it makes cleaning and vacuuming up stains simpler. Thus, dont block off your space block out the dirt and spills. When you employ Protection we provide a 12 month rug area and spill limited guarantee to the regions protected.

We provide the very first TRULY GREEN shield.

What our green shield will do for your carpeting:

Stain resist properties revived to carpeting.

Traffic lanes stay cleaner more.

Removal of stains and stains simpler to cleanup.

Abrasion and wear decreased.

Vacuuming is simpler and effective check it.

Superior resistance to dirt.

Extends the life span of your carpeting.

No longer yellowing or browning carpeting.

Our green shield is devised with the following attributes:

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